Our Factories

  • Tangerine Confectionery Pontefract

    The original home of liquorice! The site was founded in 1884 and rebuilt in 1925. Today, liquorice extract is mainly imported from the Middle and Far East, although some specially preserved liquorice plants still grow on site around the flagpole in front of the main reception. Pontefract specialises in Liquorice, Gums and Nougat,

  • Tangerine Confectionery York

    The site on Low Poppleton Lane has been producing sugary treats since 1966 including Toffee, Fudge and chocolate covered treats, such as the iconic Raspberry Ruffle. Our highly skilled factory workers still produce a range of traditional boiled sweets by hand in York, such as the classic, striped Mint Humbug. History buffs may know that production used to be based at the old Coppergate factory, which was demolished to reveal a Viking settlement. The Jorvik Viking Centre now stands on the site.

  • Tangerine Confectionery Blackpool

    This famous factory was originally built for manufacturing tiles, but switched to a tastier product line when George Burton set up his Gold Medal Biscuit production here in 1939. In 1967, a liquorice unit was introduced, and in 1995 the site closed off production of biscuits altogether and started producing confectionery instead. Vicarage Lane produces Liquorice Allsorts and various gums and jellies, including Wine Gums, Fruit Pastilles and Fizzy Cola Bottles.

  • Founded in 1903, the Cleckheaton site is the home to our fabulous Lion brand. Our highly skilled employees based here produce thousands of tonnes of gum-based products every year.

  • Tangerine Confectionery Liverpool

    The Edge Lane site is the home of our famous Taveners confectionery and Princess Marshmallows. The factory's technology has come a long way from the days of hand-dipped chocolate eclairs in the 1920s. Today, traditional quality products are created on modern and sophisticated high-speed lines. The factory and the Taveners brand, remain a key part of Liverpool's heritage.