Henry Goode and Princess get the Best Ever Treatment

Tangerine Confectionery, is relaunching two of its popular brands  in the New Year with a brand new, Best Ever recipe and revamped packaging.

Fresh new packs of Henry Goode soft eating liquorice and Princess Mallows will be available in January and February respectively. Both products have undergone extensive consumer testing to target key areas for improvement and after some recipe tweaking it was panelled again to ensure they are ready for the Best Ever label. Over 95% of consumers rated our new Princess marshmallows and Henry Goode red soft eating liquorice recipe better than the previous product especially on flavour and texture. Over 93% rated Henry Goode black soft eating liquorice better on flavour for a product that was already better than key competitors.

Henry Goode became the number one selling soft eating liquorice within three years of its 2009 launch, with a £4m brand value. Its brand refresh will tap into the New Year nutrition market with a focus on the product’s ‘Naturally Goode’ reputation, made from all natural flavours and colours.

The brand new packaging highlights the British heritage of the treat, as well as reinforcing nutrition and quality messages that will make it stand out on the shelf.

The black liquorice product will be available in hanging bag formats of 200g (£1.39) and 140g (£1), as well as a 25 per cent extra free promo pack (175g, £1) and a price marked pack (140g, £1). There will also be a strawberry flavoured red liquorice variant (200g, £1.39).

Princess Mallows has been sold as a recognised brand for over a decade. The pink and white marshmallows with subtle raspberry and vanilla flavours are starch deposited, giving them more indulgent quality than the extruded marshmallows that are more commonly aimed at the children’s market.

By refreshing its image and reinvigorating brand recognition the packaging will tap into latent loyalty for the product. The new packaging highlights health messages that are ideal for the adult market: the marshmallows are fat free and contain just 24 calories per sweet.

The Best Ever Princess Mallows will be available in 150g (£0.89) and 200g (£1.29) hanging bag formats, as well as a 50 per cent extra free promo pack (225g, £0.89) and a price marked pack (170g, £1).

Yen Luong, brand manager at Tangerine Confectionery, comments: “We have put both these fantastic products through rigorous testing to ensure that we are delivering the Best Ever recipe to our consumers. We have confidence that these SKUs will be instrumental in delivering incremental sales to retailers throughout 2016 as appetite for traditional recipes and permissible treats continues.’

Henry Goode soft eating liquorice will be stocked at Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, discounters and impulse stores in January 2016. Princess Mallows will be available in Tesco, discounters and impulse stores from February 2016.


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